Charles E. DAW Chair Plastic

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  • Stylish 1940s design
  • Comfortable curved plastic shell
  • Trademark Charles E. base
  • Range of vibrant colours

Charles E. DAW Chair Plastic

The brightly colored DAW Chair Plastic (Dining height Armchair Wooden base), first designed in 1948, is one of the most recognisable pieces from E.’s furniture collection. It boasts a beautifully flowing shell seat, which is moulded to fit the lines of the body. The rolled edge prevents the seat from pressing into the back of the legs. This triumph of design was created for the "Low Cost Furniture Design" Competition at the New York Museum of Modern Art and went on to become the first mass-produced plastic chair. The innovative methods of moulding and bending, developed by the popular designer, established the DAW Chair series as a true furniture icon of the 20th century.

ItaliaDesigns produces the shell of this design classic in a quality plastic, available in several bright colours. It is supported by wooden legs interconnected by wires, adding an intricate touch to contrast with the chair’s simple, organic design.

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SKU 3300
Height 81 cm
Width 61 cm
Depth 62.5 cm

About the Designer

Charles E.

Charles E.

Considered as one of the most influential designers of the 20th century, Charles E. was born in St Louis, Missouri. Perhaps decorated as the finest American designer of his generation, Charles E. was heavily influenced by his Uncle’s workings, the great architect William S. Eames.

Despite a healthy education studying architecture at Washington University in St. Louis, Eames best began to put his ideas into motion whilst working as a labourer at the Laclede Steel Company in the town of his birth. Here, he inherited first-hand knowledge and experience about engineering, drawing, and architecture, learning moulding and treatment techniques he would later become famous for.

Both Charles E. and his wife Ray are still heavily celebrated on an international scale, especially for their work in the field of modern furniture. Both collaborated on numerous projects, earning them the AIA Twenty-five Year Award in 1977 and the prestigious Royal Gold Medal Award in 1979, a year after Charles passed away. Their work is still showcased at MoMA in New York, whilst in 1985 IDSA accredited Eames as "The Most Influential Designer of the 20th Century".